Meet the Push Interactions Team

When we rebranded our company name from CollegeMobile to Push Interactions we knew that one thing for sure would remain unchanged, our dedicated and talented employees.  I wanted to make sure our Push Interactions brand reflected our dedication to people: both our clients AND our employees.  I wanted to make sure that we told our

New Year, New us: Part 2 ~ Setting a Vision and Finding Ourselves

Over a year ago I wrote a post entitled “New Year, New Us: Part 1″.  To summarize, I talked about how our company was going to embark on the journey of rebranding ourselves.  We were thankful for the success that the name “CollegeMobile” had brought us, but knew that in order to grow and expand

New Year, New Us: Part 1

A new year has arrived and we at CollegeMobile are excited for the turn of the calendar into 2013! New Years not only represents a changing of our calendars but also a chance to set new goals, dreams, aspirations and establish renewed motivation to accomplish all of the wonders that the new year can bring.