How to market your mobile app Part 1

In December of 2012 we wrote a blog posted entitled “Top 6 ways to promote your mobile app“.  One of the most common questions I hear as the marketing person for our company is “How should we market our mobile app?”  I thought this was an important blog topic since it is such a popular

Techniques on Increasing User Engagement

If you’re getting ready to have an app built for your company (or perhaps you already have one and are deciding on your next move), you’re probably asking yourself how you can convince consumers to use your app, in order to make it a worthwhile investment? The answer is to make use of habit forming

BBM Channels for Businesses

BlackBerry has, in an explosive fashion, finally released BBM on Android and iOS. The popular chat application is now available for the two most popular smartphone platforms in the world. The Android application has exceeded 10 million downloads in just over 1 week (SOURCE). Between Android and iOS, BlackBerry claims to have added over 20

ROI Series #3: Apps for Marketing and Customer Service

Every company that enquires about a mobile application wants to know the ROI. A few weeks ago, we covered “ROI – There’s an App for That, Part Two: Apps That Reduce Costs,” which revealed the ways a mobile app improves employee efficiency and reduces costs. Well, there’s still more to mobile apps than generating revenues