Redesigning Carleton Mobile

Carleton University has had a mobile presence for many years. In fact, they were at the forefront of providing students with a solid, simple app to improve their university experience. In keeping with that spirit, Carleton decided it was time to refresh their app for a new school season. Redesign with new features They decided

Making Money on the App Store

In the early days of the App Store it was easy for developers to enter the market and make a lot of money with a paid app. There were many iPhone users and apps were hot and nearly anyone who made an app made at least a small fortune. Thus began the craze where everyone

CollegeMobile on CTV Morning Live ~ January 13, 2014

There’s nothing quite like a fresh new year to help you realign your goals, set new goals and get organized for the awesome year to come!  I visited the CTV Morning Live set in Saskatoon yesterday to share some apps that may help you stick with those New Years Resolutions!     1. Quit It

What is a “Mobile Strategy”?!

When I was in my undergrad for Marketing, I would often hear the phrase “What is your Social Media Strategy?”.  Now back in mid 2000’s “social media” was just coming into existence and platforms like Facebook and Twitter were starting to become popular and widely adopted.  It also seemed like individuals were quick to sign

Windows Phone – The Sleeping Giant

With Apple’s introduction of the iPhone back in 2007 and Google releasing the Android just a year later, no longer is it possible to escape the world of the smartphone. What was once reserved for the aristocrats and Blackberry was the undisputed king, this marvel of technology is fitted in the pockets of millions around

CollegeMobile – ABEX 2013 Award Nominees

CollegeMobile has been in business for almost 4 years and in 4 years we have had the privilege to win and be nominated for some great local, provincial and national awards!  We are very proud of our accomplishments thus far and each award and nomination motivates us to become even better. In 2011 our team

Flaman’s Mobile App

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog where I talked about how we customize not only our product for our clients but how we also customize the experience for them.  This applies also to our newest app that we launched with Flaman.  We began talking with their marketing department in the fall of 2012

Understanding Banking App Permissions

As an application developer, there is one type of app review that I am always pained to see. Here are some real world examples of that type of review, taken from a mobile banking app for Android: This app wants access to everything on your phone. Access to storage, access to make calls, access to

Always Add Analytics

So you’ve started to release early and often, adjusting to what your customers need? Great! Now how do you gather information on what to release next? If customer feedback is key, how do you know what your customers are doing? One of the quickest ways to get an idea of how people are using your

CollegeMobile on CTV Saskatoon Morning Live ~ September 16th, 2013

Knock, knock, knocking on…. watermelons!?!?!  It was time for another Mobile Apps Monday on CTV Saskatoon Morning Live!  I had a really fun line up of apps to talk about this day and was excited to bring some fun props with me: For this day’s app segment I featured two movement related apps and one

How to Build a Standing Desk

Developing software involves spending a large amount of hours using a computer. The extended use of a computer has been correlated with many problem such as repetitive strain injuries and cardiovascular problems. Instead of being at the mercy of the computer, to take advantage of the extended computer use, many software developers have switched to

How to Install a Beta BlackBerry 10 App on Your BlackBerry 10 Phone

Our clients often want to see their BlackBerry 10 App as it is being built. This would be called a Beta build of the application. This way the client can see if the the application is going to suit their needs and can suggest changes along the way during development. Below is a list of

Deciding Which Smartphone to Choose

This morning our CEO, Chad Jones, was on Global Morning Saskatoon to talk about the latest smartphone platforms. Here is a summary of his discussion with Global’s Melissa Nakhavoly: iPhone Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 5S will be available on September 10th iPhones are one of the most expensive phones on the market and have the

The Raw Advantage – A Custom App and a Custom Experience

One of the things that I love about working at CollegeMobile is all of the people who I get to meet and work with.  Across the board our clients are all amazing and we have strong and unique relationships with each of them.  Over the course of working here I began to realize an interesting

Find Your MVP – Minimum Viable Product

“If you’re not embarrassed by your first version, you spent too long on it” This mantra, popularized by LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, is meant as a call to action for startups. It’s also been known as “Release early, release often” and even more succinctly as “Fail fast.” Regardless of the exact words used, these phrases

Co-op Coupons & Offers

Another great promotion for the Co-op Coupons and Offers has been put out by Co-op.  This is the Press Release they posted on August 23rd: “Interest in the Co-op CRS mobile app has shot up recently following the mid-July launch of the coupon feature in the latest version. The coupon feature is also now available

CollegeMobile on Saskatoon CTV Live August 26th

Well it was that time again for me to compile a list of our favourite apps and head down to the Saskatoon CTV studio to talk about apps with Heather Marcoux on their Morning Live show. This week I talked about the following apps: Vine  Free for iPhone & Android smartphones Social media app where

The Game Has Changed

A recent post by Jean-Louis Gassée entitled “The rebirth of Windows Mobile” got me thinking about the state of technology and computers. In the mid-80s, industry giants Microsoft and Intel got into a position of strength and leveraged that strength to make it impenetrable for competitors with new technologies and new approaches. For thirty years,

Branham300 Top 25 Canadian Up and Coming ICT Companies – CollegeMobile

In mid 2012 we were approached by a business acquaintance that asked us if we would like to be recommended to be on the  Branham300 2013 list.  We had heard of Branham300 but didn’t know the specific details of what they did.  Intrigued by this opportunity I set off to research and learn all about