Techniques on Increasing User Engagement

If you’re getting ready to have an app built for your company (or perhaps you already have one and are deciding on your next move), you’re probably asking yourself how you can convince consumers to use your app, in order to make it a worthwhile investment? The answer is to make use of habit forming

ROI – There’s an App for That, Part One: Apps that Generate Revenue

As you would imagine, every company that inquires about a mobile application wants to know the ROI. Of course, they want to earn revenues to pay off the development of the app. Well, there is much more to apps than revenue! Mobile apps can be divided into three main categories: Apps that generate revenue Apps that reduce

How to Earn Revenue with Mobile Apps

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but there’s an app for that! I don’t even have to say it, but I will anyways – profit is the end goal of getting a mobile app for your organization. Organizations can earn revenues indirectly through enhanced recruitment and/or retention, or directly by charging customers in one way or

How to Promote Your iPhone App with Smart App Banners

One week ago, I explained the “Top 6 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App.” The sixth method suggested, “Utilize Smart App Banners on iOS 6 to direct mobile users from your full site to your app.” Haven’t heard of Smart App Banners before? Good, because then you will find this interesting (I hope)! Smart App

Top 6 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

You’ve published an awesome, innovative mobile app, but it has been downloaded less than 500 times in the first month. In agony, you proclaim, “WHYYYY?” Well, fret no more, we have the answer! Mobileapp promotion.   Word of mouth makes mobile apps like Shazam and Songza go viral. There’s certainly a chance that your own

Understanding Native Apps

Mobile apps can either be developed for specific mobile platforms or web-enabled devices. These are commonly referred to as “native apps” and “web apps,” respectively. As mentioned in Part 1 (Understanding Mobile Platforms), the different kinds of apps determine the reach, quality, and price of development. This blog will discuss the most noticeable pros and

Understanding Mobile Platforms

There’s no question that mobile apps have become a necessity, especially as smartphone and tablet sales rapidly increase. They are not just a mobile extension of your website or another form of advertisement; apps are actually a new medium that revolutionizes customer service. Businesses are now using mobile apps to enhance brand image, engage and

Affinity Mobile App Launch

CollegeMobile is proud to announce the launch of Affinity Mobile, the official mobile banking app for Affinity Credit Union members. It was developed to provide clients with convenient access to their bank anywhere in the world. Affinity Mobile gives clients the ability to locate an Affinity Branch or ATM, find hours of operation, view contact info, transfer money, pay bills, and much more. Affinity Mobile

SaskParty Mobile App Launch

CollegeMobile is proud to announce that the Saskatchewan Party’s mobile app for Premier Brad Wall’s campaign in the 2011 Provincial Election successfully launched today! This app is part of the SaskParty’s interactive online election campaign to engage and inform Saskatchewan residents about the Party’s platform before the election on November 7. “The SaskParty recognized our

FaceMobile App Featured as a Top App

Our in-house developed iPad application FaceMobile went live worldwide on the App Store today. Since its release just a few hours ago, FaceMobile has already been featured on AppFresh Daily as one of the best apps to come out in the past 24 hours worldwide: This is very exciting news as only four Apps

Adding Maps to Apps

How to create a map which works with Mobilversity   The Mobilversity platform can display both external and internal maps for a campus.  Maps are often one of the most used features on a campus especially during the start of a new term or semester.  There are two different ways of creating Maps for the

Native Apps VS Browser Based Apps

There is a raging debate happening in development circles across North America right now – Which approach is best for development on a mobile device. Should we use a native application coded in Objective-C for example or should we use a browser based approach? It is a question that people on both sides of the

Five ways to “mobilize” your organization

It is predicted the number of mobile phone subscriptions across the globe will hit 5 billion sometime in 2010, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). In a world of 6.8 Billion people this means roughly seventy percent of the entire planet’s population will have mobile phones!  On the home front recent stats from the