Putting App Content Forward

You may have heard the term “content is king” before. What exactly does it mean, and does it have any relevance when it comes to mobile applications? The concept has a simple application to mobile design. Users want to see the application content, they care about little else. I’ve gathered some screenshots of Apple designed

BBM Channels for Businesses

BlackBerry has, in an explosive fashion, finally released BBM on Android and iOS. The popular chat application is now available for the two most popular smartphone platforms in the world. The Android application has exceeded 10 million downloads in just over 1 week (SOURCE). Between Android and iOS, BlackBerry claims to have added over 20

Designing it Right – Cross Platform Pitfalls

There are many things to consider when you’re planning to release an application for multiple platforms. Many brands get some these things wrong; they miss out on building the best experience for each platform. I’d like to outline some of the major pitfalls made by some brands. Applications Icons You may wish to use the

3 Apps to Put a “Spring” in Your Step

One of my favourite times of year is upon us: Spring. There is nothing like that first sight of light where there was dark, warmth where there was cold and vibrant colour where there was dull. Often at the first signs of spring many of us go through our closets, put away the wooly sweaters