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  • Mobile application marketers and industry trend

    Have you personally done any marketing? To answer this question, you need to ask yourself other questions like: Did I compete for a job when there were other candidates? Did I compete for a desirable apartment where there were other applicants? Did I arrange my impression to be most favorable to another person? Yes, that’s [...]

  • Things to look for when choosing a mobile app developer

    With the increase of mobile app popularity of course comes an increase in mobile app developers to choose from.  We wanted to give some tips for selecting the right developer so you will have the best possible app for your users! When selecting a development company is important to look at a number of factors. [...]

  • Getting your users to create your app content: Getting started

    Last week, I wrote about a special kind of content consumption app where developers could, in essence, trick users into creating content for others to consume, thereby reducing the creation stress on developers. This week, I want to expand on this idea by describing some strategies apps can use to get users started in the [...]

  • Springtime Apps ~ Push Interactions on CTV Morning Live

    When selecting apps for my CTV app reviews I always start by thinking “Is there a major holiday or festive day coming up?” If there isn’t, I usually go to my next question “Is it the beginning of a season?!”  Usually I can answer yes to one of those questions which will launch me into [...]

  • Getting your users to create your app content

    As my PhD supervisor, Carl Gutwin, says: “Ideas are cheap. Good ideas are hard”. Through my years designing mobile apps, I’ve thought hard about what it takes to make a compelling app. What, exactly, makes an app a hit? This is, of course, a loaded question. Apps that fulfill a real human need are easier [...]

  • SSL HeartBleed

    The SSL HeartBleed bug is a serious vulnerability in the security layer of the internet.  It has been around since December 2011 and it is estimated the “bad guys” have known about this vulnerability since about mid 2012. The vulnerability allows attackers to read secure traffic while it is in transit.  It affects approximately 20% [...]

  • 2014 – The Dawn of Indie Game Development

    Most people who enjoy video games can recall the first one they ever played which for me, was the classic Super Mario Bros. Since then, I’ve grown increasingly infatuated with playing video games, buying consoles as they come out and playing as much as I can after school. Thankfully as I grew older I reduced [...]

  • Mobile Monday – TACT

    The Auditory Concentration Test App (TACT) is a great example of one of our apps that truly improves the quality of life for the user.  Designed by Declan Quinn, Mb., FRCPC, a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, the Auditory Concentration Test is a continuous performance test used to measure sustained attention in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders. [...]

  • 4 best practices for mobile app success

    With billions of apps on the app stores it is beginning to be a rather competitive environment! By now it is clear that simply putting an app on the store isn’t enough.   Here are the top 4 things to consider when releasing an app (whether it is free or paid!): 1) Marketing The days [...]

  • How can our Interaction Designer help YOU?

    As the lead interaction designer at Push, my primary job is to ensure we build the right app. This includes ensuring the app solves the business needs of our clients, while providing a pleasant, efficient, and effective experience for your users. More to the point, my job is to help you create the product you [...]

  • How much does an app cost?

    One of the most common questions in our line of work is: How much does an App Cost? This is similar to asking a car dealer how much a car costs? The answer to the question is very dependent on what kind of car and features you are interested in. Are you going to buy [...]

  • To allow, or not to allow, that is the question: Push Notifications Part 1

    A while ago I read an article entitled “How WalMart, Asda and The Rolling Stones use mobile push notifications“, written by David Moth.  The article explored how these mega brands use push notifications to strategically gather their users attention. The article got me thinking about all of the apps that I have on my phones [...]

  • Mobile Monday – Space Stretch

    What better way to celebrate the start of the week than by featuring one of our CollegeMobile-made apps (soon to be Push Interactions-made apps!).  It occurred to me the other day that I never really talked about this awesome app when we launched it last year. The Space Stretch iPad App made for little ones [...]

  • New Office, New Us!

    Back in September we made the move from our shared office at Ideas Inc to our very own office!  I have waited until now to blog about this monumental event because we revealed our new name and identity to the team that morning.  After the big reveal the majority of the day revolved around celebrating [...]

  • Post-PC Era – Is the PC Dead?!

    The PC… one of the most dominant technologies for multiple generations. A seemingly unstoppable power. There were those that said it would never die. If you asked someone before 2007 what the PC meant you would get an entirely different answer than you would today. What was once the dominant computing device in everyone’s home [...]

  • NSBA Business Builder Team Building Award Recipients

    Our company vision is “To improve quality of life, through quality technology.”  We would not be able to achieve this vision if it wasn’t for our dedicated, professional and innovative team.  A few months ago we were nominated for a North Saskatoon Business Association Business Builder Award for Team Building.  The award goes to the [...]

  • Push Interactions on CTV Morning Live ~ March 13, 2014

    Today we made our official TV debut with our new company name, Push Interactions!  It felt great to be introduced as Jess Bonish from Push Interactions!   I was also excited today because we won the North Saskatoon Business Association’s Business Builder Award for Team Building last night!  We were a finalist in the category [...]

  • How to Monetize Existing App Users

    Most companies are jumping on the app bandwagon, including established companies releasing existing products repurposed as apps and startups releasing new products, creating entirely new app categories. Regardless of the company, there is a common problem encountered: how can we make money on the app store? It is incredibly difficult to get noticed when your [...]

  • Lessons Learned while at Apple and Silicon Valley ~ Tips for Young Engineers

    People sometimes ask me what I learned when I was working at Apple. The answers depend on the context of the question and who is asking and is certainly too grand to put into a single blog post. However, I wanted to share some top tips learned while I was at Apple that I would [...]

  • NSBA Business Builder Awards ~ Team Building Award Finalist

    I am excited to announce that we are finalists for the North Saskatchewan Business Association 2014 Business Builder Awards.  We were nominated for the Team Building award and were delighted to find out we were selected as finalists in the category.  The North Saskatoon Business Association supports  Saskatoon’s Business Community and is a member-driven and focused [...]