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  • iBeacons will Change Retail

    One of the early uses of iBeacons was in Major League Baseball (MLB) for helping people to find their seats in stadiums. With the recent announcement by Hillshire that iBeacons showed at 20X increase in purchase intent (intent to purchase) products it really shows that iBecons will change retail. It will give the retailers the [...]

  • Company rebrand ~ A quick update

    Back in February we unveiled our new company name to the world! It had definitely been exciting leading up to that point, and the unveiling topped that with all of the positive comments and support coming in from clients, friends, and family. We wanted to do a “soft launch” of our new brand name so [...]

  • A “Swift” justification

    At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), a new programming language was announced. A programming language is a language that allows a developer to construct an application. With a language developers can communicate with the device hardware to get it to perform tasks for us, like getting the user’s location using GPS, or display things to [...]

  • “I read it in a book”

    I have started reading a book titled Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders. I’ve been enjoying it immensely, but found myself falling for two “book learning” traps. 1) Getting excited for a book because it agrees with your worldview When I read the preface – which was by an author and leader whom [...]

  • An App Review: Out of Milk

    I’d like to tell you about an app that will make your life a little bit easier. It’s called Out of Milk and I use it every day. Out of Milk is an app that coordinates your shopping, grocery and to-do lists in one place. The app is currently available for Android mobile devices and [...]

  • Push on CTV ~ July 15th 2014

    I was excited this month when CTV asked me to find the coolest health apps for July’s app segment. Here are the 3 apps that I reviewed: Fitocracy FREE for iOS & Android Developer: Fitocracy, Inc.  One successful technique in mobile app development is gamification. Gamification applies game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them [...]

  • Who will win the 2014 Tablet war?

    Push is excited to welcome a guest blogger to our blog. Robert Cordray is a former business consultant and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience and a wide variety of knowledge in multiple areas of the industry. He currently resides in the Southern California area and spends his time helping consumers and business owners alike [...]

  • Feature Friday – 8tracks

    I was at a BBQ last month and I posed the question to all of my friends “What is the app you use most often?” 3 out of the 6 people said “8tracks“. Intrigued I got them to explain what this app was about and why they loved it so much. I downloaded it the [...]

  • App Review: It’s as easy as one, two, THREE!

    Threes! is one of the winners in the 2014 Apple Design Award, it rose to the 25th spot on the top grosing apps list on the App Store.  This slick puzzle game was released on  February 6, 2014, the point of the game is simple, players must slide the numbered tile on a grid to [...]

  • Tap App – Convenience at your fingertips

    Have you ever opened up your phone for the 100th time to dial someone and wished there was an easier way to quickly call them or send them a standard text message? Well one of our clients came up with a great idea that allows you to create phone short cuts by tapping or gesturing [...]

  • What kind of sharing should your app support?

    It is becoming more common for apps to support sharing to social networks, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google+. The major smartphone platforms have been integrating these social networks deeper into the operating system. For example, Apple’s iOS platform has system-level support for Facebook and Twitter, providing an easy way for apps to share [...]

  • The Smartwatches are coming

    Smartphones, tablets and apps have changed people’s lives. How they interact with each other and how they interact with information has fundamentally changed in the past few years. A new class of devices have come out called Smartwatches which also have big potential to make an impact on the “smart” market. With the recent leak [...]

  • How to market your mobile app part 2

    Earlier this week I revisited a previous blog post of ours where we discussed the top 6 ways to market your mobile app. Now the original blog post was written in 2012 so I thought it was important to update our blog with some new ideas! In part 2 of this series I will discuss [...]

  • Quality software comes from within

    One of my mentors at Apple used to say to me “With Infinite Time and Infinite Resources an Engineer Will Produce Nothing”. I believe this to be true. This is because given infinite time and infinite resources an engineer will build and rebuild the same project over and over again. Each time better using new [...]

  • How to market your mobile app Part 1

    In December of 2012 we wrote a blog posted entitled “Top 6 ways to promote your mobile app“.  One of the most common questions I hear as the marketing person for our company is “How should we market our mobile app?”  I thought this was an important blog topic since it is such a popular [...]

  • Feature Friday: HauteLook

    When I was thinking of my favourite apps this morning I scanned my phone but for some reason passed right over one of my most frequently used apps, HauteLook. I think I passed over it because I thought “Well this app doesn’t improve efficiency, or teach me something or provide a service, it just gets [...]

  • Batter Up! How Apple may hit a grand slam

    If you watched Apple’s Keynote address at the WorldWide Developer’s Conference earlier this month, you could be forgiven for coming away a little disappointed. Apple did not announce – as many had hoped – a new phone, a new product line, or even any updates of their current products. They did unveil OS X 10.10 [...]

  • WWDC 2014

    Every year, about 5000 people descend on San Francisco to attend Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Attendees get direct access to Apple’s software engineers, who are directly responsible most of the software that ships on Apple devices. They get to attend sessions covering various topics on how to build the best apps for iPhones, [...]

  • A Fictional Day with a Smartwatch

    The next wave of digital devices look to be headed towards wearable technology, quickly moving from fitness trackers like the FitBit ( to smartwatches like the Galaxy Gear ( No one can predict the future, but we can all dream, so today I’d like to walk you through a fictional day with a smartwatch. Morning [...]

  • Mobile Trends Highlights

    Kleiner Perkins is one of the most successful venture capitalist firms in the world. They have funded household names like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Intel among many others. They are a world-thought leader in predicting what is coming in the future, often because they are a part of picking the best ideas and helping to shape [...]