Custom Mobile App Development

Push Interactions offers an indefinite number of mobile app features. Some of the more common features include:

Direct users with a map to important locations
Deliver the latest stories, opinions, and more
Provide access to a detailed calendar of events
Showcase videos, photos or audio content
Social Media
Provide access to Facebook, Twitter, and more
Social Sharing
Enable users to share content
Gather valuable feedback from your app users
Enable users to quickly search for information
Contact Info
Make it easy for users to contact you
Contact Form
Collect registration and contact information
Provide info about your company, product, etc.
Mobile Web Integration
Include content from your existing mobile site

Native Mobile App Capabilities

Smartphones provide access to far more than just the mobile web, and offer some amazing capabilities. Push Interactions’ development can harness these advanced device capabilities to offer an enhanced user experience:

  • Push Notifications: Provide users with timely, relevant messages, even outside of the app
  • Calendar and Contact Syncing: Make it easier for users to remember events and find contacts
  • Multimedia: Provide access to audio, video, & photos within the app
  • GPS: Accurately guide users to their desired location
  • Augmented Reality (AR): Wow users with an enhanced perception of reality (using the device’s GPS and camera)
  • Data Caching: Enhance the user experience with shorter load times and offline viewing
  • Camera: Support contests, galleries, barcodes, and other interactive features like AR
  • Near Field Communication (NFC): Improve file transfers and mobile payments between nearby devices

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