So You Think You Know Smartphones?

Take a minute to guess the top five smartphone vendors in the world for Q4 2012. … You probably guessed Samsung and Apple, and then maybe HTC, LG, Sony, RIM, Microsoft, or Nokia. You are partially right. International market research company IDC reported last Thursday that the top five smartphone vendors, and their respective market share,

“ding free” Shines from Sea to Sea

 The “ding free ATM Locator” app is realizing success from sea to sea. What is ding free, you ask? ding free is a national campaign by Canadian credit unions to promote their network of surcharge-free ATMs. The campaign is focused on a unique ATM Locator App that CollegeMobile developed in 2012. The app is one-of-a-kind,

How to Earn Revenue with Mobile Apps

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but there’s an app for that! I don’t even have to say it, but I will anyways – profit is the end goal of getting a mobile app for your organization. Organizations can earn revenues indirectly through enhanced recruitment and/or retention, or directly by charging customers in one way or

New Year, New Us: Part 1

A new year has arrived and we at CollegeMobile are excited for the turn of the calendar into 2013! New Years not only represents a changing of our calendars but also a chance to set new goals, dreams, aspirations and establish renewed motivation to accomplish all of the wonders that the new year can bring.