8 Free Apps for the Holiday Season!

‘Tis the season to be “Appy”!  The holiday season is fast approaching and as you finish last minute shopping and decking the halls we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that technology can play a big role in enhancing the festive season with your family and friends!  Do any of you have

How to Promote Your iPhone App with Smart App Banners

One week ago, I explained the “Top 6 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App.” The sixth method suggested, “Utilize Smart App Banners on iOS 6 to direct mobile users from your full site to your app.” Haven’t heard of Smart App Banners before? Good, because then you will find this interesting (I hope)! Smart App

Top 6 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

You’ve published an awesome, innovative mobile app, but it has been downloaded less than 500 times in the first month. In agony, you proclaim, “WHYYYY?” Well, fret no more, we have the answer! Mobileapp promotion.   Word of mouth makes mobile apps like Shazam and Songza go viral. There’s certainly a chance that your own